How do you launch a new Nokia phone with great low-light image quality to a young and lapsed audience? By organising a scavenger hunt on their turf – in bars and on social media of course.

The teaser video for the competition. Released on social channels.

We sent 15 phones to secret locations around the UK, each taking a picture of a venue at exactly 9:25pm. By viewing the pictures on our Facebook hub and guessing the location correctly you could win the phone that took the shot. Once all 15 phones had been found we released a clue for a new location. The person that made it to the final venue and were the first to tag themselves in the uploaded photo, won a trip to New York.

We achieved 168,247 entries (nearly 12 times the original target of 15,000). Not only were our engagement goals exceeded, our Facebook shares increased by 191% compared to the month before the campaign and we achieved just under 2.5 million impressions.
There was no media support the first week of the campaign: all the excitement was generated organically by our Facebook fans (this contributed to 46% of all visits).