How do you increase Leo Messi’s fanbase on social channels and engage the ‘2nd screen generation’ during the World Cup? By publishing short films reactively and giving the fans an app with real-time content from the games.



A set of 10 mini documentaries about Leo Messi and what makes him the world’s best footballer. Each film was designed to be released reactively throughout the tournament. For instance, before the fist game we released a video with pressure and the responsibilities of being a captain as the main subject and when he scored his first goal we released a film showing what it meant to Messi and the fans.

Alongside the films we released the Vamos Leo app, giving fans a bespoke image generator with live images pushed to their phones. Using images from Team Messi photographers at every game, fans could add copy, stamps and filters to the images on their social channels.


The films were viewed over 10.5 million times during the tournament and with over 363,000 mentions Messi was the most talked-about footballer.

#Allin was the most used hashtag with over 1.1 million mentions and Adidas the most talked about brand with 2.1 million mentions. 

The campaign featured in AdAge’s top ten viral chart and most importantly; Messi’s Facebook fan base grew by 40% with 1.5 million new fans. Back of the net!